1. The delight of the mountains and forests is never solely about one's location; weaving through the layers of green shadows and rocky paths in the garden, ascending to gaze upon the natural elegance, and upon closer inspection, discovering intricate craftsmanship. Civilization and nature exist side by side in perfect harmony within easy reach, waiting for guests to proceed, continuing the gathering of literati and refined individuals. The design aims to create an immersive environment, intending to infuse a garden-like charm into the modern sales office. Rather than transplanting and replicating traditional garden elements like curved bridges and pavilions, we shape the indoor volumes to evoke a similar ambiance. The core of this design lies in providing flexibility for user interactions even within a fixed and static architectural structure. Multiple pathways allow people to appreciate and explore the space from different positions and heights, adding to the joy of experiencing the garden ambiance repeatedly.

    Winding Manor
    東莞 Dongguan | Reception Center | 2400m² 
    華潤置地東莞片區公司 | 東莞悅府城市展廳
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