1. There is a formula in the mud in early spring. The ashes bred nutrients and life levels from the barren black, awakening the prosperity of crops. We try to use different substances to describe the rich touch of carbon black. Imitating the subtle spring atmosphere in the fields, it is like the relationship between scalp and hair metabolism and nourishment, endless. The black of different touches constructs a ritual experience flow. In the process, users collect clues and piece together elements by themselves. Through the space to comprehend the origin of the interlocking nature and the value of time refined from it. Step into a primitive cycle, use your five sense intuitions to access memories, imagine the rain, the gleam of the cold spring, and the life of the treetop buds, mixed with the wet black mud that turns into breath in the wind.

    早春泥地裡有一套公式,灰燼從荒蕪的黑色孕育出養分與生命層次,喚醒作物欣欣向榮。我們試圖用不同物質描繪碳黑的豐富觸感,模擬田陌間細微的春日氛圍,宛如頭皮與髮代謝滋養的關係,生生不息。 不同觸感的黑構築出儀式性的體驗動線,使用者在過程中自行收集線索、拼湊元素,藉由空間領會自然環環相扣的本源,以及時間從中粹煉的價值。踏入一場原始的循環,用五感直覺來存取記憶,想像雨水、春寒料峭的微光、樹梢新芽的生命,混合著濕黑色泥地在風中化為氣息…
    Carbon Field
    Scalp SPA  | 128m² | Taiwan
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