1. With pressure of environment and change of temperature, the substance can be transformed into different states: static solid state, fluent liquid state and gaseous state which is both static and fluent. This is not the opening remark of a physics class. It is the start of design of a brand-new office, a technology company which sells high-tech gas. When the inspiration is based on “science” instead of “office”. We rely on the laboratory which is the most associated with products, factory, daily test tubes, cast iron, black iron, gas pipes and unique steel cylinders which carry technological gas. Unified orange on steel cylinders, lake water color on solid flooring and gradient baking finish from bright to dark colors and from orange to black show the existence of gas at different temperatures. We consider one stem and one leaf as the micro-world of change of substance. The cycle resembles the transfer among solid state, liquid state and gaseous state of substances in nature.

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