1. Situated at the intersection of Yangtze River and Han River, Hanyang district of Wuhan is endowed with dynamic beauty of water. The adjacent Guiyuan Temple, a treasure for Buddhist since Qing Dynasty, renders tranquilness and solemnity in the community. Through drawing inspirations from the local culture and the Buddhist architecture, we created a “sloping rooftop” for the new building, which seems to fly above the land and well integrate with the local context. Black and gray steel bars form the spine of the rooftop, stretching and undulating like rolling mountains. Combined with the wide pool on the ground, a visual image of landscape painting is in sight. Transparent glass curtain wall interacts with reflections of clouds and lights in the water, creating a fascinating view and bringing spiritual peace of “A breeze produces no ripples”.

    Hidden in the Sky
    Marketing center | 2800m² | Wuhan
    Sino Ocean | 遠洋歸元寺營銷中心
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