1. “I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.” – Trent Parke Light is the nature of photography, and is the foundation to reflect the reality of objects. This foundation allows us to reflect on the corresponding spaces. With light, the spaces have expressions, and thus gains meaning . We focused on maximizing the effects of light within the space, to feel the moments of light in the space, and treat the space as a giant camera. Every second of life is creating a decisive instant.

    「我不斷追逐著光,光能將平凡的東西化為神奇。」-Trent Parke 光線是攝影的本質,也是反映物體現實的基礎。此基礎讓我們反思與之相對應的空間:在光線下,空間有了表情,也才有了時間的意義。我們專注讓光線在空間的影響力極大化,感受光線在空間流動,視空間為一台巨型相機,生活的每一秒,都在創造每個決定性的瞬間。
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