1. We attempt to establish the temperament of the environment through the visual and tactile properties of the materials, and by lending on the geometric abstract styles of Kazimir Malevich and Piet Mondrian, we take hold of the purely structural aesthetics. First, the colors and materials to segmentalize the spaces, and then the textures and contrasts between the colors are carefully considered, whether they should be thick or light, to attain a sense of weightlessness and compactness for every color. The harmony between every color patches is then examined, to express the deeper concepts of color painting with basic geometry, creating a room of absolute silence with a tranquil atmosphere.

    嘗試透過材質觀看及觸碰成就環境性格,以馬勒維奇( Kazimir Malevich )、蒙德里安( Piet Mondrian )幾何色塊畫作借鏡,攫取其純粹結構的藝術性。先區塊化空間的色彩材質,再琢磨每一道的顏料質地與明暗相間,或厚重或輕薄,追求每一種顏色的無重力感與密度。隨而再檢視每一道色塊之間的和諧性,展開於色域繪畫僅以簡單幾色表達其深沉理念,一室純粹無聲的湛寂無譁。
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