1. The space became a Mad et Len fragrant art, where the warmth of life become the best way to extract the smell of memory, and allows the habits of the owners, such as triathlon and reading, to become ethereal and spread into the air. The raised multi-layer bookshelf walls and display racks refines the personality and images of the residence. The simple colors and handmade work from the artisan aids the feel of the media such as hand painted and steel brushed veneer materials to replace the clean mechanical feel. On various white background materials, the line and color blocks are fermenting in minimalism, creating a division of order and spatial displacement.

    讓空間擬作一瓶Mad et Len香氛藝術,生活的溫度成為「記憶味道」的最佳萃取,將業主夫婦日常,如三鐵、閱讀等習慣,幻化如因子在空氣中擴散,高挑複層書牆與展架,提煉出居家個性印象。品牌的藝匠手製與簡約色調,扶引出手感媒材,如手工漆、鋼刷木皮等,取代俐落機械感,在各式白料底材上,以線性及色塊在低限下淬釀,劃分秩序與空間錯置,使隱藏細節中的凝鍊黑、黃色調,留下實體線性的厚度與層次。
    Living Smell
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