1. Germany brought into Qingdao during the concession period not only for Germanic architecture but also for their beloved music and opera and other artistic and cultural activities. The German writer Goethe once praised the experience of architecture: "Architecture is frozen music." To discuss the two, through proportion and structural arrangement, it induces emotional shock of harmony or different intensities, occupying the abstract/figurative ends of art, and are similar in nature. Waterfrom Design responsible for this case hopes to use the narrative technique of opera and the specificity of architecture to write the grandeur of the natural features of Qingdao, a port city, and to express the rich marine phase of the base located on the shore in the succession and transformation of space brewing.

    德國於租界時期帶入青島不僅是日耳曼建築,還包括他們熱愛的音樂歌劇等藝文活動。德國作家歌德曾讚頌建築予人的體驗:「建築是凝固的音樂。」並論兩者,透過比例和結構佈局,引人產生和諧或不同強度的情緒震撼,佔據抽象/具象兩端的藝術,本質上卻擁有相似性。 水相設計希望透過歌劇敘事手法及建築的具體性,編寫青島這座海港城市天然風貌的壯闊,將基地座落於岸邊所擁有的豐富海相,表現在空間醞釀的起承轉合中。
    Wagner’s Fables
    青島 Qingdao| Reception Center | 1300m² 
    青鐵置業、華潤置地青島公司、青島新凱達 | 雲上觀海展示中心
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