1. In the everlasting summer of Hainan, the island sways in the leisurely sunlight, and the breeze from the bay brushes against the shore, passing through various shades of tropical greens. This project is located on Hainan Island, which boasts a long coastline and vast, lush vegetation. Waterfrom Design believes that the future community center, which is currently a sales center, should serve as a hub for connecting nature/civilization, coast/land, and traditional/modern lifestyles. The goal is not just to design a space, but to create a spiritual destination like an island gathering place, characterized by a venue that welcomes a wide range of life experiences.

    永夏的海南晃漾在日光曬慢的時間裡,風自海灣拂上岸,穿過各式熱帶的綠。 此案所在海南島擁有綿長海岸線及原始植被的遼闊柔軟,負責此案的水相設計認為,售樓中心日後轉為社區公設,是為銜接自然/文明、海岸/陸地、聚傳統落/都會現代的匯集點,應建構廣納生活經驗的場域性格,不僅意在設計一座空間,而是創造如島嶼集會所的精神標的。
    Island Agora
    石梅灣 Shimei Bay|Experience Center| 2360
    華潤置地 (海南) 有限公司 |  石梅自然體驗館
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