1. The exterior design in this case is inspired by the impression of the ancient city. The city gate and the lofting city tower are transformed into a landscape with a modern outline—floating gate, which visually integrates the long history of the city with its upcoming prospect. Keeping the concept of attempting to introduce the history of the city in architecture, the designers in Waterfrom, responsible for the interior design, transform the inner and outer walls of the ancient city, the building soil that represents the fortifications, and the surrounding moat into a space experience similar to modern sculpture in the design. The element of the city wall that suggests the daily schedule of Xi’an people is integrated into the design, creating a dividing line, lively, stretched and light, enclosing the scope of indoor activities.

    A City A Wall
    西安 Xian | Reception Center | 1,400 m2
    Laian Wanlai Yichen|萬萊逸宸西安接待中心
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