1. When architecture aims to resonate with nature, the intended design posture is one of assimilation into the environment, existing as if in a delicate balance between presence and absence. Gazing out, the space becomes transparent due to these openings, yet it encompasses the entirety of the outdoor environment, guiding individuals to humbly contemplate their relationship with nature, rather than adopting a stance of conquering the land.Therefore, the architecture departs from the rigid and towering structures formed by functional stacking. Instead, it embraces a sleek, low-profile design with transparent, glass-encased volumes gently touching the riverbanks to preserve the waters cape. The plaza and internal circulation paths of the site are nestled below ground level, with certain areas excavated to create sunken spaces. This design creates an overall effect resembling a sculpture nestled into the riverbanks, harmonizing with the landscape. The approach reflects a gentle integration with nature, offering a tranquil, serene environment, free from clamor or bustle.

    Appreciate Nature
    三亞 Sanya | Reception Center | 726m²
    華潤置地海南片區公司 | 海棠河生態公園-海棠曉翼
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