1. At Wuhan beach with the combination of the present and the past and western and eastern culture, by modern language, Waterfrom Design reconstructed Lifen. Through horizontal extension of traditional compound houses and vertical characteristic of western building, it analyzed and reorganized vertical and horizontal dimensions and reconstructed the modern space in the lanes. From modern perspective, we rearranged the symmetry of traditional compound houses. The vaults, bell towers and balconies introduced in the period of settlement were simplified as the dimensions and opening of geometric volumes. The structure was seemingly random. It creates unstable playfulness and at the same time, it shows the constantly extended street landscape of lives in Lifen.

    在包容今昔/東西文化的武漢江灘,水相設計以現代語彙再現里分風貌,擷取傳統合院水平伸展的調性,及西方建築向上爬升的姿態,拆解、打亂水平垂直向度,重新拼組能凸顯里巷關係的當代空間。 以現代觀點再現,我們拆解傳統合院對稱格式、打亂排序;租界時期摻入的拱頂、鐘樓、陽台等切片亦簡化為幾何量體的進退面與開口,結構看似隨意搭接、創造不穩定的趣味性,卻也展出里分容納生活而不斷衍生、延伸的街景,演變能量來自鮮活市井,這般非均質的速度說的不是秩序,而是歲月緩緩卻不停歇。
    Vertical Lifen
    武漢 Wuhan | Art center. Reception center | 1340m² 
    SINO-OCEAN Group | 遠洋長江樽(武漢museum國際無界藝術館)
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