1. The copywriting takes springs as a starting point to conceive the spatial pattern and hopes to interpret the fluent posture that the flowing water emerges from the stone crevices, sparkling. Architectural design typically uses vertical and horizontal lines to cut and allocate the space facade, but when the gently-flowing curves serve as the main idea for design, we create an environment where no sharp angles can be seen and the lines are brimming with a sense of rhythm, bringing the viewers an unusual feeling. With the continuation of the logic of fluency and no fracture surface, the walls and moving lines in the hall are constructed by lines and curved surfaces that look unintentionally bending-shaped but simple and tidy. They either overlap or wind and fold with one another, just like the natural caves polished by water for hundreds of years. The peeling, cutting, digging and chiseling of outlines through natural baptism, lines full of timeliness and strength, dynamic lines indoors constructed by forward and withdrawal surfaces and areas with different functions are like the invisible waves and holes in the spring cave, existing in silence and connected with one another, and each undulation and bending will lead the vision to another wave of curved surfaces and dimensions.

    濟南Jinan | Art space. Reception center 2800m² 
    China Resources Land  | 華潤置地濟南萬象天地示範區售樓處 
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